Caregiving Strategies (Self-Paced)

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The Caregiving Strategies course focuses on improving your skills, knowledge, and confidence as a family member or friend caring for a person living with frailty. Modules are self paced.

The goal of this online course is for you to learn about and develop personalized strategies that you can apply to your caregiving. Each page includes many resources and links for you to explore.

The Caregiving Strategies course is for all caregivers (family members, friends, spouses, community members) who provide care and support for a senior living with frailty. This course will guide you on a learning journey to gain knowledge, practical strategies, and confidence.

To access the full course outline see the “materials” tab above. Below is the full list of course content, so you can see at a glance what you will be able to learn.

This course does not offer medical advice or health care training. For medical advice on a specific health condition, you are encouraged to speak to your primary health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, or other appropriate health professional).  Before you can get access to course modules, you are asked to acknowledge this important information.

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