Communication and Activity

It can be a challenge for caregivers to communicate with health care professionals about the mobility challenges and safety of the person in their care. It’s important to be prepared to speak with health care professionals so that they can provide support by offering recommendations, strategies to try, referrals to other specialists, or other forms of assistance. The following are some helpful tips on how to communicate with health care professionals (click on the words below to expand).

Challenging the Myth about Safe Mobility

MYTH The safest way to prevent falls is to restrict movement

A commonly held misbelief is that to prevent falls, a person should stop getting up. This can be detrimental to a person’s health and cause even more falls. Staying inactive for long periods of time can cause a person to quickly lose muscle and strength. The safest way to prevent falls is to stay as active as abilities allow and to participate in activities in the safest way possible

Activity 3.4: Test Yourself

Try this quick exercise to remind yourself of safety considerations when you are supporting a person to stay active. Which of the statements are true or false?

Additional Supports

How do I find additional support for me and the person in my care?

Activity 3.5: Pause and Reflect

Write down two or three strategies from this module that could be useful for you in your caregiving. Write these strategies down in your Reflection Journal

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