Communication and Nutrition

It is important to be prepared to speak with health care professionals, so they can provide help by offering recommendations, strategies to try, referrals to other specialists, or other forms of assistance. You are encouraged to speak with a health care professional if the person in your care is showing any of the following signs while eating:

  • obvious and occasional coughing during meals and/or after sips of fluid
  • rapid weight loss or weight gain (in six months or less)
  • complaining of pain during chewing or swallowing

The following are some helpful tips on how to communicate with health care professionals (click the titles to expand).

Additional Supports

 Activity 4.2 – Pause and Reflect

Are there any strategies from the nutrition section of this module that are most useful to you in your caregiving journey? Write as many down as you found helpful from this first section of the module in your Reflection Journal.

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