Communication and Pain

Another challenge faced by caregivers is how to communicate with health care professionals about the pain experienced by the person you are caring for. It’s important to be prepared to speak with health care professionals so that they can provide help by offering prescriptions, strategies to try, referrals to other specialists, or other forms of assistance. The three cards below offer several strategies.

Additional Supports

  • Ask a health care professional: Ask a qualified health care professional who can lead you in the right direction.
  • Look online: You can search for pain specialists or clinics by going online and browsing the Health Services for Ontario website. Access the Healthline website at: might also want to watch the Healthline video.

Activity 2.6Pause and Reflect

Write down two or three strategies from this module that could be useful for you in your caregiving. Write these strategies down in your Reflection Journal.

Scroll down the journal page; Activity 2.6 is located below Activity 2.1.

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