Increasing Social Engagement – Strategies

One of the best ways to encourage social engagement is for the person in your care to participate in activities that they enjoy. Being socially engaged is not about the number of activities or number of people. What matters most is the quality of meaningful activity and social connections made.

For example:
Some people may enjoy spending time with one other person. Social activities with one other person may include:

  • sharing old memories
  • discussing current news
  • going shopping
  • cooking

Some people may enjoy spending their time with many people. Social activities with many other people may include:

  • dining clubs
  • volunteering
  • participating in a weekly card game

To help someone increase their social engagement, it is best to match the activity to the person’s preferences.

The following four ideas may help you think creatively about social engagement (turn over the cards to see more):

Activity 7.2 – Pause and Reflect

Write down one or two strategies in your Reflection Journal that you could use to increase social engagement that could be useful for you in your caregiving.

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