Medical Resources

Complementary and alternative medicineMore than 70 percent of Canadians regularly use alternative health care therapies such as chiropractic care, yoga, acupuncture, vitamins and minerals, herbal products and homeopathic medicines. New research continues to emerge about effectiveness.
End of life careIt’s important to ensure you are aware of the medical treatment or palliative care the person in your care would like to receive.
Hospital and institutional careMaking the hospital stay of the person in your care as easy and smooth as possible can help the recovery process.
Hospital discharge planningA guide for families and caregivers.
Medication safety checklistsDeveloped by the Public Health Agency of Canada, review this checklist in detail with the person in your care.
Prescription drug safetyOlder adults are more likely to be prescribed more than one kind of medication, and many older adults take four or more (polypharmacy). Read about increased risks and side effects.
Take medication safelyHow MedsCheck helps the person in your care take medication safely.
Telehealth OntarioA free, 24-hour, confidential telephone service you can call to get health advice or general health information from a Registered Nurse.
Testing and treatment decisionsThe latest information on how and how often the person in your care should be tested and treated.
VaccinationOlder adults are more susceptible to certain kinds of ailments, such as the flu, pneumonia or shingles. Read more about vaccines for older adults.
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