Summary – Social Engagement

This module has provided you with information about social engagement, social isolation, loneliness and depression. You are now able to differentiate between those terms and understand how to recognize if a person is at risk of social isolation, if they are experiencing loneliness, and the common signs and symptoms of depression. You are now better able to create strategies to increase social engagement activities for the person you are caring for and how you may speak to health care professionals about what you are noticing.Activity 7.4

Activity 7.4

Talk with Others

Discuss with the group: What are the favorite activities of the person in your care? Share any great ideas that have worked for you. They may work for someone else too! What’s Next?

You have just learned about social engagement and may continue to see how all of these caregiving topics and strategies fit together throughout this course. The next, and final, module will help you bring everything that you have learned together. Throughout the course you have reflected on the content and your own caregiving experience. The next module will be asking you to consider all of the reflections you have had through this course and ask you for your feedback on what you have learned.

Activity 7.5

Module Feedback

Complete the Module 7 Experience Survey.

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