Summary – Managing Pain

This module has provided you with some background information about pain and how to identify pain in the person you are caring for. You are now aware of the different terms associated with pain and how you may communicate with a health care professional about pain. Although the module could not possibly include everything important about pain, it does offer you some ways to develop your own personalized strategies to manage pain and how you can find support. As a result of reading this module, you are not expected to be a pain expert, but it is hoped that you feel a little more confident in your knowledge of pain.

As you know, pain can impact quality of life in many ways. One of the areas that pain can impact is a person’s ability to stay active, causing them to move less or not at all. The next module explores the topic of staying active. You are encouraged to take what you have learned about pain and reflect on how it applies to this next module and to your caregiving.

Activity 2.7Module Feedback

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