Summary – Nutrition and Bladder Health

This module provided you with information and caregiving strategies for nutrition and bladder health. Main topics related to nutrition were how to recognize eating habits, assess for nutrition risk (malnutrition), and strategize ways to encourage good nutrition. You also learned about the link between mouth care and nutrition. This module also addressed some of the main causes and types of urinary incontinence and strategies to manage incontinence now and on an ongoing basis. For both topics in this module you learned some helpful tips to consider when you need to speak with a health care professional. Now you can start to develop your own personalized strategies to manage nutrition and bladder health and find additional support you need for the ‘ins and outs’.  

What’s Next?

As you know, nutrition and bladder health are impacted by how many medications a person is taking. Medication management is a very important topic and one that caregivers are often trying to organize and manage on their own. As you move into the next module, which explores medication management, you are encouraged to take what you have learned about this module and reflect on how it applies to the next module and to your caregiving overall.

Activity 4.6 – Module Feedback

Please complete the end of module survey below. Select “Module 4: Nutrition and Bladder Health” when prompted. Scroll to see all questions.

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